Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Heart of Etna

I would like to begin my first post by showing Etna, The Mountain of Fire.

I like to remember her this way, as I saw her from my window every morning.

Some people think "How is it possible to live so near the biggest active volcano in Europe?"

I would tell them that I miss her now, as if a piece of me is left there, near Etna.

The last time I was home, Etna was not only to be seen, beautiful and majestic, she was also felt underfoot, shaking the earth under us. But we Catanesi are used to that, we love her just as much as ever.

With my husband Sean, I've gotten to love hiking up to the top of Etna until you can feel her breath around you and in that moment, you are near her heart.

And so I take inspiration from that beautiful lady of Catania and include her colours in my work. Black rock for the moon-like slopes around her. Blue stones for the clear skies. White pearls for the snow that covers her in winter. Ruby-red Swarovski crystals for the streams of lava that can be seen at night.

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